The Purpose of Bathroom Lighting is Both Safety And Vanity!

Bathroom lighting is often treated casually since bathrooms are not on display and it is considered adequate if there is some sort of light in the bathroom. But, consider this; we begin and end our day with trips to the bathroom and therefore it makes sense to have proper lighting which is right for all the various activities taking place in the bathroom. Good lights in the bathroom also add to the look of the area and make it more attractive. The other important consideration is that for elderly people bright lighting is very essential in the bathroom as otherwise they can easily hurt themselves in the dark. So, the purpose of bathroom lighting is two-fold- vanity as well as safety and there are many types of lighting which take care of both angles.

Wall lights, ceiling lights, recessed fixtures and chandeliers are ambient lighting which illuminates the overall bathroom space. This lets you see and move around safely in the bathroom and provides the maximum light towards the floor. The glare from these lights can be controlled by dimmers when you want a softer lighting, for example, when soaking in the tub etc.

For specific tasks in the bathroom, like shaving, applying makeup, wearing contact lenses, reading in the tub or using the treadmill, you require a beam of lighting falling upon that specific area. This is called task lighting. These Wall sconces lights can be placed on either side of the bathroom vanity or medicine cabinet and can be turned on only when you require it. Bathroom lighting are the best bet for this type of lighting.

If you have a large bathroom, make it more sumptuous by adding decorative lights which act as objects de art by themselves. This creates a dramatic effect and candles (whether electric or traditional), candelabras, fireplace and pendant fixtures are ideal for this kind of lighting. With accent lighting, you can choose to focus on some specific element or decorative objects in the bathroom. Track lighting is good for this and creates a certain atmosphere in the bathroom which is great for a relaxing soak in the tub.

While buying bathroom vanity lights, go for bulbs which simulate daylight; stark yellow or white bulbs will not give the correct image especially when you are applying makeup and you may end up with inappropriate makeup when you step outside.

There are many popular brands of light fixtures to choose from like Holtkotter lighting fixtures and good planning and implementation of the correct style of lighting will provide you with safe as well as beautiful bathroom lighting.

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