Save Money Through Limiting Your Water Consumption in The Bathroom

We all love ways in which we can save money and now you can with a very simple yet effective method of reducing the amount of water you use when you take a shower.

 As we are all aware when showering, water quickly cascades over the body giving a refreshing and invigorating means of washing away dirt and grime. However over a long period of time this method can use vast amounts of water that revert against your bill. This has led to an ingenious device in the form of a water timer in which you can limit the amounts of water lost through showering.

 Believe it or not you may not realize how much water you really use when showering, especially with teenagers or on hot days. One of the best ways to reduce this wastage and save money is by limiting the quantity of water you use. You can choose from a variety of standard and sophisticated timers, with each created to effectively cut down your costs on electric, gas and water bills. The timers are designed to help you take control over the amounts of water used through setting a time limit each person showers. However there are more sophisticated timers which combine the use of electrical and mechanical innovation to decrease the flow of water and with certain models will actually shut off the water when the time is up.

 The more sophisticated these timers become the more expensive they tend to get, but believe it or not you can actually create your very own shower timer for all your family to use. This can resemble your egg or kitchen timer a stop watch or any other timing device. You can then integrate this with other measures such as the mechanical timer that affects the flow of water.

 Now it is important that you inform all your family members who regular take showers and the beneficial impact it will have regarding saving money. Ensure they realize that they can still enjoy the shower it is just that they will need to wash in a shorter period of time.

 When installing the timer ensure you put it in place near the central controls of the shower. This will make it easier for viewing and for alarming the person who is taking the shower that their time is up. It is advisable to use water proof adhesives and maybe suction cups so that it can be fastened in place without the humidity affecting it.

 Next install the mechanical timer if you have one. These are usually straight forward and will normally will sit in the shower-head or attach to the shower arm.

 The more favored devices tend to be the timers that have the ability to be adjusted for 10, 8 and 5 minute intervals. The main advantage of these kinds of devices is that they regulate the flow of water and will usually slow the rate of flow down to around two thirds of its standard rate.

 If you wish to integrate an electrical timer that actually shuts off the water when the time has elapsed then it is wise to get a qualified electrician to install one. These devices do not slow the flow of water; instead they work to a set time period and then shut off the water completely.

 Note that any timer can be used for timing the duration you are in the shower, but as the areas are introduced to high levels humidity of moisture it is advisable to use a water proof device.

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