Five Cool Bathroom Window Upgrades

There's no doubt about it. A bathroom is one of the wettest locations in your house. And that also makes it one of the easiest areas to attract mold, mildew and fungus that can destroy bathroom tile, linoleum and natural stone for good. That's why you have to be sure that you get the proper ventilation in the bathroom space to help prevent problems in these mildew-friendly areas. While a ventilation fan works well, it doesn't have the full capacity that an open window has to ventilate the area properly. Use these five cool bathroom window upgrades and make your bathroom as damp-free as possible.

Slider Windows

If you're looking for great ventilation and style to match, then look no further than a slider style window. These windows are just like a single hung window except that they slide open sideways instead of up and down like a conventional single hung window. Slider windows will also ensure your bathroom space is properly ventilated, even after your hot shower has been running full blast.

Awning Windows

An awning style window allows maximum ventilation to occur in the bathroom space. This single pane window opens up entirely outwards from the bottom, so that ventilation can occur without the window being entirely open and vulnerable to the outdoor elements. Most of these cool bathroom windows open up using a hand crank and only open a certain amount.

Hopper Windows

If you were to take an awning style window and flip it around, you'd have a hopper window. Opening from the top outward, these great bathroom window upgrades can ensure that your bathroom space gets all the fresh air that it needs. Many of these style windows are smaller than conventional windows, allowing them to fit into the bathroom space with ease. These window styles typically open with a hand crank as well.

Casement Windows

A casement window can be a great addition to any bathroom space. This style of window opens from one side and swings out, allowing fresh air to enter the bathroom and hot, damp air to exit easily. Casement style windows typically open just a few inches, so you can leave these windows open without the fear of rain or other nasty weather from entering the structure. Casement style windows come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so you can bet that there's a casement window that will suit your bathroom space perfectly.

Double Hung

Like a single hung window that only slides open, a double hung window opens both at the bottom and top of the window, allowing fresh air to enter and escape out of two areas in the window space. Double hung windows look just like single hung windows, so they match perfectly with your homes existing windows. Double hung windows provide all the ventilation you need while conforming to your homes architectural features easily. Call Gulf Coast Windows today and find one or all of these great window styles in a variety of materials that will suit you and your homes tastes perfectly.

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